“This is the first children’s book
of it’s kind… Simply amazing!”
Maya Shannon, Mother of 5


"I never thought a children’s
book could be so entertaining
and so educational at the same time."
Sharon Shenker, MFTI & Mother of 5

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Why Do Teachers, Parents, and Kids All Love What Should Danny Do?

"INNOVATIVE!" First Children's Book of it's Kind.

    Nine Possible Endings

    Each Choice Your Child Makes Leads to a Different Story

    Fun and Irresistible Character That Boys & Girls Love


    Written By a Former Teacher and a Content Writer

    Nine Stories for the Price of One

    High Quality Hard Cover Book You'll Keep Forever

    Printed in the USA


    Teaches That Our Choices Shape Our Days & Lives in an Interactive Way

    Teaches Important Lessons on Sharing, Empathy, The Value of Hard Work, Patience, Sibling Rivalry and More.

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Authors & Illustrator

About the Author

Authors: Ganit & Adir Levy Illustrator: Mat Sadler

Ganit and Adir Levy are parents to four amazing children. They are passionate about helping kids reach their potential. Ganit is a former teacher, now stay at home mom. Adir is an internet entrepreneur who writes on a daily basis for various projects and clients.

Mat Sadler is an illustrator of things. He lives with his wife and two kids in England (though he doesn't sound like Pierce Brosnan--or Hugh Grant for that matter. He's from Essex).

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